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Annual General Meeting


Self-interested activists are attempting to snatch control of your company.

Delbrook Capital Advisors has a carefully orchestrated scheme to
force Rapier into a risky transaction.

Delbrook and its co-conspirators will serve their own private interests, not yours.

Only your vote for Rapier's current board can protect the value of your investment.

By now you are likely aware that Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc. ("Delbrook") has nominated a slate of individuals (the "Dissident Nominees") to replace Your Board at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

You should also be aware that this puts Your Company at significant risk!

Delbrook has publicly provided a number of false rationales for its attempt to replace Your Board. In fact, Delbrook's attempt to replace Your Board is the culmination of a carefully orchestrated scheme to snatch control of Your Company and its strategic direction in order to serve its own carefully concealed interests and those of its co-conspirators.

Delbrook has:
  1. Consistently attempted to exert undue control over Your Board, including by trying to force its way onto Your Board without shareholder support
  2. Steered significant blocks of Rapier Shares into the hands of a pack of co-conspirators (together with Delbrook, the "Delbrook Pack") resulting in the Delbrook Pack now controlling between 30-40% of the outstanding Rapier Shares
  3. Continually used threats and bullying tactics, including this attempt to replace Your Board, to try to force Your Company into a highly speculative, risky and, in our view, shady multi-party merger transaction promising a doubtful "premium" for Our Public Shareholders (the "Delbrook Pack Transaction") that has been structured, coordinated and aggressively promoted by the Delbrook Pack to serve its own private interests.
  4. Used concealment and misdirection, including by not telling you (until we pulled their skeleton out of the closet) about the Delbrook Pack Transaction and that two of the Dissident Nominees were key negotiators for the other side, in order to advance the Delbrook Pack's private agenda.

Your Vote Counts No Matter How Many Shares You Own

You have a clear choice between:

Delbrook's self-interested 'Trojan horse' Dissident Nominees, who threaten to rush Your Company into a highly speculative, risky and shady transaction.


Your Board Nominees, who have the vision and plan needed to create value from the Pen Gold Project and a proven track record of putting the interests of Your Company and Our Public Shareholders first.

The choice is clear: Vote "FOR" Your Current Board now

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